Joseph Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Joseph Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union in 1928 and became Lenin’s successor. Stalin was a dictator but with his leadership he developed Russia from a backward country to a world superpower. Stalin had many triumphs during his leadership and brought both good and bad long lasting effects to Russia. Joseph Stalin’s aims were to make Russia an industrial and military superpower, and this was a time of clarity and strength for his followers. Therefore, he was also responsible for 20 million deaths and was an unfathomable toll that overshadowed many of his other accomplishments. Stalin may have been

Furthermore, Stalin had other frightening aspects of his leadership and none was more frightening than the existence of his brutal, unrestrained secret police terrorism- the Cheka. He used the Cheka to seek out dissenters and to keep the workers on task. Stalin also caused many Russian people to suffer during his time in power; peasants were forced to collectivize farms and forced to give whatever they produced to the state. This was one of Stalin’s ambitions; to implement his Five Year Plans in order to increase the production of agriculture. This plan meant that every peasant had to collect their machinery and livestock on large farms and were to be controlled by the state. Farmers were given quotas that they had to meet and if they didn’t meet their quotas, they would either get killed or sent to the gulags. This would also mean that the government would take away land from rich farmers and create state-owned farms. Rich people, known as the Kulaks, were very much opposed to the idea of collectivization of farms and if they rebelled against Stalin’s plans, they were seen Communists and sent to the gulags or killed. Although the state’s industry increased long before the Five Year Plan was completed, many Russian people suffered and this resulted in what is known as purges, this event shows that Stalin may have helped Russia’s economy to increase but...
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