Joseph Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, World War II Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: November 15, 2009
“His childhood was harsh with a drunken cobbler father, who beat both mother and child, and in school was bullied as a child, Joseph Stalin grew up to be a bully himself” (Klehr). These events in Stalin’s childhood dramatically influenced the later events as an adult. Joseph Stalin had caused social injustice in Russia through two wars, during the Great Purge, and in the Russian government.

Joseph Stalin used social injustice during World War II and during the Cold War. During World War II, Stalin killed many different groups of people. According to Klehr, “Stalin was unpredictable in his killings. While wealthy peasants were targeted along with other class enemies, Stalin also destroyed imaginary enemies within his own parties.” Later during the Cold War Stalin put up a blockade around the city of Berlin, this blockade is known as the Berlin Wall (Marrin, 827).

Stalin also caused social in justice in the government as well. Stalin started his own secret police known as the NKVD (“Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del” which in English means People’s Commissariat for Internal affairs). This secret police had to meet certain quotas in arrests and in how many killings they did (Klehr). The NKVD arrested anyone who opposed communism as well as all of Stalin’s enemies. In a desperation for his country to become more industrialized, “Stalin wanted Russia to become an industrial superpower, so he moved families to the coldest regions of Siberia” (Ingram, 64). The NKVD and Stalin’s selfishness caused many families to be killed, including children, as well as Stalin’s enemies.

In addition to injustice in government and wars, Stalin caused social injustice during the Great Purge. Joseph Stalin killed anyone who was against the communist party, which then later led to Stalin killing the older Bolsheviks (Cunningham, 121-22). After Stalin started doing this, he came up with another plan. “He later sent people to Gulags (Soviet Prison camps in the northern reaches of...
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