Joseph Fritzl

Topics: Rape, Fritzl case, Incest Pages: 3 (1293 words) Published: January 22, 2013
The Underground Dungeon
It was quite a dull and dark year in 1977, until Josef Fritzl came into the equation. Fritzl decided to abuse his daughter Elisabeth for the first time aged eleven. Later that year Friztl was supposed to be building a 'war shelter', when he asked his daughter Elisabeth to help him. He built the 'war shelter' with eight steel doors-which became heavier as he continued through-they were all sealed with code locks which only he knew. He asked Elisabeth to help him with the last door as it was the heaviest of them all. Only to find out that she just helped her father fit the last door to her home, for the next twenty four years. In 1982, Elisabeth ran away from home because of the amount of times she was abused by her father. She did not know how hard her father would try to find her and the amount of police he got to help him. She knew he wanted her for something, whether it was to be his sex slave, or whether it was for him to beat her until she was eighteen. Either way, she didn’t have a clue what would happen to her at a later date. When she was found Fritzl was 'over the moon', he continually went on about how happy he was that he found his daughter and that he couldn’t wait to spend time with her. This was all in public, behind closed doors, people relate to him as the 'Devil' the way her treated her, after she was found was worse than she had ever experienced. After a few months, Fritzl didn’t seem to talk to Elisabeth, she had hope that her father would now leave her and let her get on with her own life. By god was she wrong. In 1984, Fritzl started to abuse Elisabeth again; she couldn’t speak without getting beaten. When the family were out and it was just Fritzl and Elisabeth she would be raped numerous amounts of times just to make her sick father happy. Elisabeth was getting tired of it her eighteenth birthday was in reach and she couldn’t wait to leave home and get away from the twisted man she called her father. On the 28th of...
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