Joseph Conrad Amy Foster

Topics: Joseph Conrad, Marriage, England Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Józef Teodor Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski (Joseph Conrad) was born on December 3, 1857, in Berdyczew, Poland. From the time spent with his father, Conrad became a lover of literature, especially tales of the sea. He worked as a seaman on English ships, in 1880 he started his career as an officer in the British merchant service, going from third mate to master. After his father's death, his uncle, Thaddus Bobrowski, took Conrad in and raised him. As a teenager Conrad began dreaming of going to sea. In 1896 he married Jessie George, an Englishwoman. Two years later, just after the birth of Borys, the first of their two sons, they settled in Kent in the south of England, where Conrad lived for the rest of his life. On August 3, 1924, Conrad died of a heart attack and was buried at Canterbury, England.

Joseph Conrad expressed his aberrant honeymoon through his short story, Amy Foster. In March 1896 Conrad married an Englishwoman, Jessie George. Joseph Conrad was quite older than her. On their honey moon Conrad fell very ill and was in bed, he started mumbling strange words to her. This had Conrad’s wife very worried. Conrad recovers, years later he dies of heat failure. Like in Joseph Conrads honeymoon and death, the short story, Amy Foster , is about a polish castaway , "Yanko Goorall", who was rescued. Because of his lack of English he was treated as a madman and was whipped, stoned, beaten and imprisoned by the locals. A man, Mr. Swaffer, later takes him out and gives him a job. Yanko learns English and falls in love with an English girl whose name was Amy Foster. They marry and have a son. Months later Yanko falls very ill with a fever; he starts to rave in his native language. Amy, not knowing what he was saying, becomes very scared, gets her child and runs for her life. The next morning Yanko dies of heart failure and is later established he was simply just asking Amy for some water.
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