Jose Rizal : Back in Calamba

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Decision to return home
After the publication of Noli Me Tangere and the popularity of it in the Philippines, Rizal was warned by Paciano, Silvertre Ubaldo, Chengoy, and some of his friends not ti return home because he was hunted by the friars. But he didn’t listen, he has obligations and priorities. One of these obligations was the operation of his mother’s eye and to serve his people against the Spanish tyrants. His priorities in how the Filipinos touch by his writing and how his beloved Leonor remained silent. He wrote 2 letters for his arrival in the Philippines; a letter to Blumentritt, written in Geneva that he wanted to see his parent and his parents want to see him also, and a letter to his father, saying that they will meet half way sooner or later with a date presented.

Delightful Trip to Manila
He left Rome to Marseilles, a French port, which he reached without mishap. He rode in Djemnah, which is the same vessel he used from Philippines to Spain. The vessel was occupied by many Frenchmen and a few blend of some euro Asian people. Rizal was the only Multilanguage speaking, he act as an interpreter. And when he reached Saigon, he rode another vessel namely Hayfong which is heading to manila. Arrival in Manila

His experience in the new vessel is impressive. It was full at night when he starred in the crystal clear sky with the illuminated vision by the moon. On August 6, he arrived in Manila with grace. He stayed there do a meet and greet with his friends before. He watched and observed the place; he noticed that nothing changed even the holes in some roads.

Happy Homecoming
Because he sent a letter to his father about his decision to go home. His parents prepared a lot of security for him. His not allowed to go out without a chaperon. In Calamba, Rizal established a Medical Mission for his fellowmen.

Storm of Noli
As Rizal spend too much happiness with his family, his enemies planned for his doom. But he spends time for doing medical...
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