Jose Rizal

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Jesus C, Zuñiga Jr.Mr. Guro Dais
ACT - 143

The movie Jose Rizal is about our national Hero Dr. Jose Rizal- His life and work, his struggles In order to free his countrymen, until his death under the Spaniards. 

Most of the scenes I like was took place during Rizal's imprisonment at Dapitan wherein he meets Luis Traviel ( the one who will defend him on his trial in court ) Traviel points out the contradiction that Mother Espana is what made Rizal into what he is. Traviel comes not only respect the intellectual, but also comes to understand the contradiction of Rizal owing everything he is to Mother Espana. He realizes that Rizal was indeed an innocent man. The scene between the two, Rizal and Traviel are touching. 

But I found most amusing scene was on the Anatomy Class where Rizal sits in with the Spanish and Filipino male students. When the Spanish Professor ask Fernando (the Spanish student) and a Filipino student to stand up in front of their class. The professor asks “What can you say about the disparity in their heights? The Spanish students claimed that “height is symbol of Spaniards superiority “Then Rizal stand up to question” why Spaniards is losing their colonies to natives who are even shorter " and then the Filipino students burst into laughing.

It actually shows that the Spanish student was correct about “height is one of the symbols of Spaniards superiority to the Filipinos ". Yes, it's partly true that they rich in height. Literally. But let us look differ in the quotation. Spaniards are just using our own defect to show to us that their really superior. And what we do is think that they are right, that's why we lose our self esteem. We lose our freedom to fight for our right. We did not respect ourselves. That's why they did not respect us too. 

Some Filipino said that how can we fight them? If we don't have the proper education or knowledge. The answer is just right in the corner....
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