Jose Rizal’s Life (Movie Review)

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: July 30, 2011
Jose Rizal’s Life (Movie Review)

As a citizen of the Philippines, it is really important to be acquainted with the life of our national hero here in our own country and that is certainly about the biography of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Besides reading books about the history or biography of our national hero, another one good way for us to make it more understandable is its transmission to films. In this way, it will aim to further expand our knowledge about the character, vision and how Jose Rizal lived his life with his own ideas and principles.

The film "Rizal: The Life of a Hero" and "Jose Rizal" are just some of the film formed in the previous period. The workmanship of the two films was so beautiful, so if I were Dr. Jose Rizal I will definitely like it especially the way how they approached the story of his life in putting it into the film. In the film "Rizal: The Life of a Hero" the distinction of this film is based on his written diary since childhood and some of the left letters that he gave to his family and friends. Presented here are some of the great events of his life and the incident gave reason to motivate him to become a hero. Noticed that it almost shown here all of his important achievements in all his life and especially the sacrifices he did for our country. Therefore, this film should only be the first one to watch because as a student I can appreciate it more clearly. As for the film "Jose Rizal", disclosed here that our national hero is truly talented as well as he used his own ability in a good way. It is making two of his famous novel titled El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. Rizal became a doctor, a writer, a lover, an artist, a genius, a brother, son and a friend. Thus, all of them give high assessment of Rizal’s character. Despite much criticism and anger in him of the Spanish because of his novels made, Rizal still chose to sacrifice his life just to fulfill his desired freedom for the people against the Spanish colonial rule in...
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