Jose Marti

Topics: United States, Latin America, Cuba Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: April 8, 2015
Jose Marti
Based on the assigned readings, I am totally interesting to analysis the canonical author -Jose Marti who was more powerful, influential, and motivating than entertaining as well as some aspects of his writing style. I chose the same topic in the last discussion forum because I truly love to read his works and enjoy embracing his thinking, purpose, meaning, and kept fighting for Cuba freedom. I will recap his back ground firstly in order to make readers have more general views about historical background at that time. Then I will move to tell different aspects of his mood during the phase of the United States posed for Latino in plain terms. I would like to share a little bit about Jose Marti‘s precarious but successful existence so that we will have a panoramic view of the social background at that time. Jose Marti is well-known as a Cuban national hero in Latin American literature. Looking at back his life as well as studying about his background, he was born in Havana, Cuba in a poverty family. Although his parents could not afford to educate him, thanks to his grandfather to provide financial support for his studies, he definitely made his family proud of him by studying very well. He was actively involved many different fields, such as a poet, a writer, a journalist, a professor, a translator, a political theorist. Moreover, he began his political activism at early age. Since Marti was young, he had proved his anti-American attitude profoundly. He seemed to conceive how perilous the United States posed for Latino in plain terms. At the same time he also noticed that Latin-American countries can take advantage from the reforms of the European or North American civilizations. This could help these countries detach themselves from the colonial heritage of Spain. Besides that, Marti also admired the characterized work ethic of American society at that time. He recognized that his country need to be reformed and need to learn many active aspects...
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