Jordan and Prime Minister

Topics: Israel, Jordan, Great Rift Valley Pages: 4 (729 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Israel is a small country in southwestern Asia. It occupies a narrow

strip of land on the Eastern Shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered

by Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. Israel has four major land regions.

They are (1) the Coastal Plain, (2) the Judeo-Galilean Highlands, (3) the

Rift Valley, and (4) the Negev Desert. The Coastal Plain is a narrow strip

of fertile land along the Mediterranean Sea. The Judeo-Galilean Highlands

include a series of mountain ranges that run from Galilee-the northernmost

part of Israel- to the edge of the Negev Desert in the South. The Rift

Valley is a long, narrow strip of land in eastern Israel, which makes up part

of the Great Rift Valley. Israel's driest region is the Negev Desert made up

of dry flatlands and mountains. The bodies of water bordering this nation

are the Sea of Galilee and the Red Sea to the North and south, and the

Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea to the East and west. The majority of

people living in this Biblical Holy Land include three main groups of Jewish

followers, the Ashkenazims, Sephardims, and the Orthodox Jews. The rest of

Israel's population is strictly Arab Muslims whom follow the Islam religion.

This country has few natural resources and the majority of its' population is

employed by Service Industries.

Israel's government has changed dramatically since the new election in

May have 1999. The Israelis needed a change of face. They needed a new

Prime Minister who could promise them things they wanted to hear and make

these things happen. The old non-negotiating, thick headed ways of

governing, used by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the peace

process towards the Palestinians, Syria, and the religious conflicts within

the enormous Jewish population of this country stagnate. Netanyahu's ways of

dealing with these extremely important situations weren't cutting it...
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