Topics: Employment, At-will employment, State Pages: 5 (1727 words) Published: March 14, 2009
Jonetta Grissom a 26-year-old African American waitress who works for a 24 hours a day restaurant chain that is extremely well-known and popular, serving everything from a cup of coffee at the counter to full dinner with wine. Jonetta is eligible for a fully paid computer training class sponsored by the state government. The program was designed primarily to help women on welfare acquire job skills but, is also open to working women under a certain annual income and Jonetta qualifies and wants to pursue the program. However, Jonetta also wants to continue with her previous employment and explore opportunities with the state government computer training classes altogether but, appears to have conflicts with her employment shifts hours and the hours with the computer training classes that start in two weeks. Some of the issues I see with Jonetta staying employed with her previous employer are morale, Jonetta's career and the restaurants budgeting. These are issues why I believe Jonetta requests to continue employment should be denied. If Jonetta continues employment with her previous employer, I believe the issue of morale would surface within her work employment. The reason why I bring this up is because I'm sure a lot of her coworkers have unmanageable issues that they cannot control but are still able to maintain their employment here. Who's to say what issue are much more important from Jeannette taking state government computer classes to another coworker who's a single mom picking up her child at day care. If this was the case then we would have to change everybody's shift around to make things more convenient for our employees. Therefore, if we only did this for Jonetta all of the other employees will think that we would be playing favorites. What it all comes down to is Jonetta will be leaving us during busy hours to pursue her career which would make it challenging for us because Jonetta has been with us for a very long time and are restaurant will be impacted possibly by the lack of top-notch service provided by Jonetta if she pursues her career which would result in losing customers. Second, what it really makes no sense to keep Jonetta as an employee here at the restaurant. This isn't a decision that were not supporting Jonetta in pursuing. I feel this is a great opportunity for Jonetta to explore other qualities Jonetta can excecise and what a time to do this when being asked by the state government. However, the opportunity with the state government computer training course is a paid program so, Jonetta would be receiving some kind of income. If Jonetta career consists of going to computer training classes before she should get the employment she desires then I believe she should pursue this training course by all means. If we kept Jonetta as an employee while she decided to continue the state government computer training classes eventually she is going to leave
the restaurant to pursue other opportunities. It wouldn't make sense for Jonetta to pursue the computer training course, complete it and then come back and work at the restaurant. We have high expectations for Jonetta and would feel it might be quite challenging to pursue employment with us and computer training classes. Third, it would have to be the restaurants budgeting. If we chose to keep Jonetta on as an employee then this might be challenging to the restaurants budget due to creating a shift for Jonetta which we have no money in the budget for. And already by letting Jonetta pursue her career will definitely impact the restaurants business by not being able to provide quality service that Jonetta provided during our busiest hours of the day. I'm sure the restaurant will lose customers and money if we don't train somebody fast who can fill Jonetta's shoes and provide the quality service that Jonetta was providing. Either way were in a lose lose situation for our restaurant. If Jonetta stays employed with us she will...
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