Jonbenet Essay

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Kori Alexander

JonBenet Ramsey Case On December 26, 1996, the Ramsey family of Boulder, Colorado experienced a gruesome murder in their own home. Patsy Ramsey woke up that December morning to find her 6 year old daughter JonBenet was missing from her room. She also found a ransom note written on a piece of paper on the steps. She immediately called the police, and when they arrived at the house the first responding officer told them to look for anything suspicious. Their young daughter JonBenet was found by her father John Ramsey at approximately 1pm in the basement of their home. The boulder police made very critical mistakes in the JonBenet case,
I believe that they could have been paid off by the Ramsey’s. The ransom note was also believed to be written by both Patsy and John according to forensic evidence. The paper and pen that was used to write the ransom note were all belonging to Patsy Ramsey. The ransom note was demanding $118,000 which happen to be the amount that John Ramsey was given as a raise that year. Handwriting experts believe that Patsy wrote the ransom note by the way her lettering was. The autopsy report done on JonBenet showed that her stomach contained pineapple, although the Ramsey’s claim that they did not give her any. Although they claimed to have not fed her any pineapple, a picture of JonBenet from the day before her death shows her eating a bowl of pineapples. I believe that JonBenet’s mom, Patsy Ramsey, is responsible for killing
JonBenet. Although Patsy Ramsey claims to have “suddenly woken up” on December 26th, police say that when they checked the house it had appeared that the left side of the Ramey’s bed, where Patsy slept, hadn’t been slept in that night. In the autopsy report it was noted that the 6 year old had been sexually abused, her hymen was slightly torn and there was bruises in between her legs. It had also been noted that JonBenet would frequently wet the bed and that her mother would get


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