Jon Bennet Ramsey

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It was Christmas night 1996, Boulder, Colorado. The Ramsey family was on their way home from a Christmas party. Jonbenet was asleep in the backseat of the car. The Ramsey's were planning a trip to their family home in Michigan the next morning.

When the morning of December 26th came, something happened that would change not only the Ramsey's life, but also the city of Boulder as well as all of America forever.

As Patsy Ramsey headed down the stairs of her 15 room Tudor home just after 5:00 am, she came upon 3 pieces of paper sitting at the bottom of the stairs. The 3 pieces of paper were a ransom note warning the Ramsey's that if they didn't come up with $118,000 dollars, their precious 6-year-old daughter, Jonbenet would die. They went on to say that if the Ramsey's notified authorities, she would also die. A call would come in at approximately 8-10 am that morning, and they would be informed of the whereabouts to exchange their daughter for the money. However, that call never came.

Patsy screamed up to John. They both re read the ransom note again. The police were dispatched to the Ramsey home at 5:25am.

It was within this most critical time period that the police made the biggest mistakes, which may be the reason why the case has yet to be solved and probably never will.

First off, when police were dispatched to the house that morning, they were told that there was a child missing, and there was a ransom note left behind. Any person with the slightest bit of common sense would believe that a crime has now taken place, especially a police officer. This means, treat the home as a crime scene. This was not done. The home should have immediately been vacated of anyone who need not be there, sealed off, and properly searched. Instead friends and family were allowed in an out as they pleased. The fact that they didn't seal off and search the house could have ruined potentially crucial evidence. Instead of the police searching the home, they allowed John Ramsey to search the home with a family friend by the name of Fleet White. During the search of the basement, John Ramsey found his daughter's body. Why didn't an officer accompany him on the search? Instead, John found the body, carried it upstairs and disturbed the crime scene. Brutal damage. Some of the police officers claim to have seen a drop of some sort of fluid on Jonbenet's abdomen as John carried her lifeless body into the living room. This too was ruined because of police stupidity when Boulder detective Linda Arndt decided to cover the body with a blanket so that Patsy wouldn't be so upset.

The Ramsey's then left the house to stay with friends. Police decided (now just a little too late) to treat the home as a major crime scene. This had been the only murder in Boulder that year, so the police used this as their scapegoat for their lack of experience. This is no excuse. They should have still known the proper procedure for crimes of such a nature.

The Police were highly suspicious of the Ramsey's now, This suspicion was heightened when her father found Jonbenet's body. So if John Ramsey hadn't found her body, god only knows if these " so called" police officers would have ever realized a crime had taken place. Somehow the suspicions of the police had been leaked to a local journalist. Obviously the information came from the Boulder police department. Nothing seemed to add up this point.

First off, the ransom note was written with a pad and pen found in the Ramsey home. Secondly, it just so happened that the amount of the ransom was the same amount that John Ramsey had received for a Christmas bonus. Next, the body was found in a small room that described as almost impossible to find if you hadn't known the house. Also, the ground had 2 inches of snow, yet there were no footprints on the ground by the basement window was open. The Ramsey's virtually never left their doors unlocked,...
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