Jomele Personnel Consultants: Business Strategy

Topics: Strategic planning, Human resources, Mission statement Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Assignment 1
Question 1: Write a 400 word easy explaining how the company objectives relates to its current market position and how the organisation aims to maintain it’s current position. Remember to include the following heading in your easy: 1. Company market position

2. Strategies currently in place
3. Growth potential
4. Conclusion and observations

1. Company Market position
Jomele Personnel Consultants is a provider that specialises in the recruiting and placement of competent individuals for the Petro-chemical industry. Jomele Personnel Consultants is one of the three companies nominated to supply Sasol Secunda and affiliated companies with individuals that are competent. When Sasol is in the process of a Plant Shutdown the client’s needs require a large amount of competent individuals in a short period of time and they need to be recruited nationally or even internationally. 2. Strategies currently in place

Jomele Personnel consultants is always trying to keep ahead of the other labour Hire Brokers by offering training to fill the existing skills gap of individuals in the local area. The Training division trains and improves the local individual’s skills that are required by the clients, therefore they do not need to recruit individuals internationally and is cost effective. There is systems and procedures in place to identify where special attention will be needed. All employees receive in-house training to insure the clients desires/needs are fully satisfied. Current employees weak points are identified and do send them on courses to assist with personal development. 3. Growth Potential

Jomele Personnel Consultants first conducts a pre-employment test to determine if the individual is competent to do the physical work. Testing welders can be very costly because of all the consumables that is used in the process. By introducing the TeachWELD Welding Simulator that offers great features and benefits in a...
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