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Types of Culture and Politics

• Civic Culture and Democracy

• Political Institutions and Popular Culture

Civic Culture and Democracy:

A civic culture or civic political culture is a political culture characterized by "acceptance of the authority of the state" and "a belief in participation in civic duties". The term was first used in Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba's book, The Civic Culture.[Civic political culture is a mixture of other political cultures namely parochial, subject and participant political cultures. Almond and Verb characterized Britain as having a civic political culture[1]

The Civic Culture provided a five-nation study of citizen values and attitudes viewed as supportive of a democratic political system. In the mainstream of behavioral analysis when it was first published, the book has been somewhat eclipsed by the emphasis on policy analysis. Its concerns about the survival of democracy in Western societies now seem somewhat misplaced. The spread of higher levels of education through the population has encouraged new forms of participation in politics, such as social movements and campaigning interest groups.[2]

Almond and Verba state that the following are characteristics of a civic culture • Orientation toward political system in both the political and governmental senses • Pride in aspects of one's nation

• Expectation of fair treatment from government authorities • Ability to talk freely and frequently about politics • An emotional involvement in elections
• Tolerance toward opposition parties
• A Valuing of active participation in local government activities, parties, and in civic associations • Self-confidence in one's competence to participate in politics • Civic cooperation and trust

• Membership in the political associations[2]


Democracy is the government of the people by the people for the people. Democracy is the popular form of is practiced successfully in many countries of the world. In this form of government people elect their own rulers. in a democractic country,there are many political parties.they take part in election. The party which wins by the majority of vote is declared successful. It is called to form the government. the rest of the parties are supposedto sit on the opposition benches. In the assembly, important issues are debated and discussed by both the ruling party as well as the opposition party. the decision on different problems of the country is taken after much deliberation. In democracy there is full freedom of expressing public opinion. An individual enjoys full freedom to think, write and express his views. The press is completely free. the policies of the government are debated and discussed freely in the newspapers as well as in the Assembly Hall. In democracy a person enjoys respect and importance. Democracy is linked with justice. Every body has equal right in the eye of law. The voters can choose and remove their rulers according to their own will. This form of government is popular and successful in America, Britain, India and japan. Democracy has failed in under developed countries.the reason for its failure are the following. Democracy is a difficult system of Goverenment. Only the educated and sensible people can understand and run it. In our country and in many other Asian countries,most of people are uneducated and backward. They cannot understand the real spirit and structure of a democractic system of government.most of th people in our country are poor. At the time of election, the voters are bribed and tempted to give their votes in favour of irresponsible and uneducated candidates. In this way, in democracy, the responsible and educated candidates do not return to assembly. s

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