Joints of the Human Body

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Week one written assignment for Kinesiology

Bronwyn Oihus

As humans our bodies are made up of several types of tissues, organs, bones muscles and nerves. I am going to talk about the joints of the skeletal system. The skeletal system gives us our shape and protects the inner structures of our bodies. In this system there are areas where 2 or more bones are held together in one of three ways. These are called joints and the bones and movement of the bones classifies the type of joint that is in that particular area. Written assignment Week 1

The first type of joint that I will talk about are Fibrous Joints. They are held together by Ligaments (a thin layer of connective tissue). The best examples of Fibrous joints are the sutures of the skull. The coronal suture connects the parietal and frontal bones, the sagittal suture connects the two parietal bones and the lambdoid suture connects the parietal and occipital bones. The next type of joints are Cartilagenous joints. There are two types of these joints called amphiarthrodal and partial movement joints. These joints are made up of bones connected by fibro cartilage or Hyaline cartilage. They are found between the ribs and the sternum. They provide a strong structure that protects the organs of the thoracic cavity. The joints allow slight movement to enable the ribs to expand during respiration. The third and final type of joint is called synovial. There are six categories of synovial joints the first of which is ball and socket, condyloid, saddle, pivot, hinge and gliding. Ball and socket joints are made up of a bone with a ball shaped end that fits into a cup-like cavity of another bone. This type of joint allows for a very wide range of motion. These joints are encapsulated in the joint capsule whose inner lining is called the synovial membrane. This membrane produces and oily substance called synovial fluid that is used to lubricate the joints to ensure smooth movement without friction....

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