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Where two bones meet or link, it is called a joint or an articulation. Joints can be classified according to their structure and by the types of movement they allow. The body has more than 300 different joints. In the body there are three types of joints...

Moveable/Synovial joints – Moveable joints allow for maximum movement. Moveable or synovial joints are normally found in the limbs, as we use these parts more than anything. Ligaments help to provide the stability of the bones, also the muscles contract giving movement. Examples of synovial joints are the ball and socket joints, these are found in the shoulder and the hip joints , these joints are the most mobile joints in the body as they allow the arms and legs to move. All synovial joints are lubricated by synovial fluid which allows less friction and rubbing of the bones and joints.

Not all joints have a wider range of movement. Some allow for growth or for more stability. The bones in these joints are normally held together by cartilage or tough fibres made of substances called collagen. Fixed joints – Fixed joints are fibrous and are not able to move. They are interlocked and overlap each other. These joints are held together by lots of tissue. An example of this joint is the cranium. The cranium at birth is not quite fused; it does not fuse completely until we get older. Fixed joints are known as fused joints. In the fixed joints of the skull, once growth is complete, the separate bone plates are connected by interlocking fibrous tissue, forming marks on the skull.

Slightly moveable joints – Slightly moveable joints allow for little movement. Joints such as the spine are connected to each other by pads of cartilage, which allow for little movement. Slightly moveable joints allow for movement because there is an articulation between the bones in which there is limited motion due to cartilage or fibrous tissue. Types of joints

In the body there are 6 different types of joints...
Pivot joint...
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