Joint Venture

Topics: Nation, Corporation, United States Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Paper Topic: Nation-states and transnational corporations.
“Nation-states are no longer viable or necessary and will disintegrate into smaller, more culturally homogeneous units.” (Robbins p. 117) The three developments that hurt the life of nation-states are: trans-nationalism, an increase in the number of people living and working in countries other than the one in which they hold citizenship; the growing power and influence of transnational corporations; and the growth in the number, and possibly influence, of non-governmental organizations. Without the nation-state there is no essential element of the culture of capitalism, or no guarantee that people could own their own property or provide a means of production for themselves The rising of the new age causes the nation-state to soon be replaced by new institutions, the most being the transnational corporation.

A nation-state is an expression used by people to explain an area brought together by a common culture or tradition, common language, or a common race. Being a product of nineteenth century Europe, the nation-state is a more recent product of the older idea of the state.

The state was established as a means of providing transportation, communication, judicial systems, and education. Asrequired by the capitalist production, the state was required to maintain all establishments provided, and also keep order with the people its providing for. Yet, anthropologists have been long concerned with of idea of the origin of the state.

“Due to population increases, the people needed to have a more formal means of government and control and will lead to greater social stratification and inequality. Also with the population increased and food production becoming more complex, a class of specialists emerged and created a stratified society. As the irrigation systems became more complex, groups of specialists emerged to plan and direct activities, and this group developed into an administrative elite that ruled...
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