Joint Hindu Family

Topics: Family, Extended family, Nuclear family Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: August 31, 2012
The urban life of today is getting dissected and the joint family concept is slowly becoming a vague concept. In earlier times, there use to be big families with lots of couples, in-laws and children. Such families although have their own critical consequences but the share of happiness was immense. It seems that the concept will soon become a pre historic norm. The working couples of the contemporary era prefer to stay alone and the availability of money due to inflow of cash on putting joint effort offer wings to their desires. Taking care of the children is also no more a Herculean task now, as, several day cares and excellent institutions for children have made it a cakewalk. Now the question is whether it is joint family or nuclear family and it is difficult to answer this. Both the set ups have their own benefits and drawbacks. As some of the couples put much stress on their freedom while some others are bothered about the level of stability and security offered by the joint family. Therefore, at a given point of time, if anyone happens to come across the question whether they prefer joint family or nuclear family, it is sure that no body will be able to answer the query at the first instance. On one hand the outcome of enjoying unlimited privacy and the break free from the traditions will rule. On the other hand, the constant guard of various experienced eyes over the activities of your children, the safe guard that comes from standing in unity is also lucrative. The basis of living together or moving apart depend upon the mutual understanding that comes naturally by living together over time. The respect and trust prevailing between the two generations is also another basis that also has the influence on the difference. If the relationship with the in-laws and the other family members is not a easy one then also it�s going to affect the consequence of living all together or drifting away from each other. This also affects the mutual relationship between...
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