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In India, the land of culture and unity, culture and unity are wellmanifested in the structure of society, indeed in the smaller unit of a society i.e. family. A family is a set of human beings related to each other in a non-professional manner, giving rise to a concrete cohesion within the family. Love, care, and affection are the most prominent human values, which are responsible for maintaining these bonds of relationships withina family. Typically, a nuclear family may be conceived as a unit consisting of acouple, children, and grandparents, and pets. In India however, there exists a special kind of family structure that really is quite vivid in the way it manages to handle and keep intact the human relations. This special kind of family structure is Joint Family System. A joint family is a collection of more than one, nuclear families that are interconnected by blood relations or marital relations. All the members, regardless of which particular nuclear family (within that joint family) they belong to, live together and share happiness, grief, and virtually every kind of problem and joy together. The joint family in itself simulates a typical view of our multi-cultural, multi-lingual, yet tightly intertwined Indian society. Indian president replies to a question related to spiritual strengths of Indians “One of our strengths is our joint familysystem. In this system a problem is no problem. In a nuclear family a problem can destroy afamily. We have a number of religions. I find thatreligions are like orchards, but they need to belinked. Every religion preaches compassion andlove. If we can transform religion into a spiritualforce then we have arrived. By 2020 we shouldbe a prosperous and happy nation without losingour civilizational heritage….” Objective

 The primary objective of the present study was to investigate therelationship of family structure and social values as they relate tofamily structure in contemporary Indian society. Specifically   study attempts to look at the relationship of social values of Parentsand their Children in joint and nuclear families 2.

 The board objective of the study is to know why Youth prefernuclear family most as compare to joint family. 3.To know theimpact of western culture impact on the Indian youthtoday and change inpreference of youth for family. 4.To know the main reason in the increase of nuclear families ordecrease in joint families.  

•to know how fast the patron of joint family is changing
•To see the rate of change in the preference of the youth for family. •How Weston culture affect our and our family life.
•Is it affecting the youth in negative or positive way.

•H0: the youth preference for nuclear family is increasing day byday •H1: the youth preference for joint family is not increasing, itdecreasing day by day. METHODOLY AND DATA USED FOR TAKING THEDECISION:

•To gather the information and know about the peoplethinking towards the nuclear family or joint family, i as theresearcher decided to use the primary data of my own to do so itook the help of the QUESTIONNAIRE technique and got it filled bythe people. The total size of my population was 100 people. Thepopulation included is youth because my primary objective is toknow  

“Preference of Youth for Nuclear family or Joint Family” .Ihave tried to get the most appropriate answerabout theindividuals thinking and complete my objective without any biasness. I have even focused on some articles that are in the favor of my research The study attempts to look at the relationship of social values of Parents and their Children in joint and nuclear families  •As my sample size is of 100 people that is more than 30 so iwill use Z-test taking Level of significance (LOS) at 5%.

DEFINITIONS USED IN THE PATTERN OF FAMILY STRUCTURE Type of family Definition Single Member The respondent who is alone...
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