Joining College for a Better Future

Topics: Engineering, Thermodynamics, Bachelor of Engineering Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Joining College for a Better Future

Joining College for a better future

I have always dreamt of sitting in an office, working hard on projects for a company. This is one reason, I chose Mechanical Engineering as my major in Middlesex County College. I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer, as I did not like labor work which I was currently doing and also the fact that I will earn more money if I work as an Engineer rather than a laborer.

I had already completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in India, and I am currently pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering in United States of America. I chose Middlesex County College, because of the lack of options I had for selecting colleges and also the fact that tuition fees here is much less compared to other institutions. Also I would earn my Associate’s Degree in two years time and then I will be able to transfer to a Degree college to complete my course. This is a challenge for me now as I will be working and attending full time college but I am sure that I would do well, if I manage time and do my work on time.

Before I joined Middlesex county college, I was working in a company named Humanscale, which makes chairs, tables and monitor arms. I worked in that company for a year. I used to pack chairs and load them in trucks. It was exhausting as I had to lift up chairs all day long and pack them and load in trucks. But because I was good with computers, I was promoted to a different department where I used to handle all the defective and scrap materials used in making products and make reports about it. This is where I started to work with Engineers, because they had to check every material for problems and had to test the material again and then work on the material trying to find out the reasons it turned out to be defective. I was fascinated by the way they used to work and think. They always seemed to have an idea to fix things. As I made reports I learnt what to write in...
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