Johnsons and Associates

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Linchangco Jr., Jonathan, M.
MAS – 3
Written Analysis of a case “Johnson & Associates” 1.) Define your suggested target market for Johnson & Associates. Explain your suggestion
- I’d suggest for them to expand in gamers and software developers.

- Buying, franchising, and selling CD’s and game consoles in their generation can be a great deal. In 1980 to 1989, the best selling products were CD (compact disc) and gaming platform Atari gaming system. The CD’s outsell vinyl’s considering the transformation of data transfer is evolving in this generation and entertainment as well were gaming consoles are becoming smaller and can be played at home, rather than going to the arcade.

2.) Under the marketing mix. What strategy can you give for: a.) Product
- I’d say improve on the packaging and consider the identity of the firm and patent the product as well. b.) Price
- The price is somehow negotiable and somehow unreliable because the safe price bracket is $700. Consider the price can be market to upper class. c.) Place
- Consider a 5 year expansion plan to further expand the market. 3.) Should the service contract be a part of the system? Why or why not?
-It should be, but with limitations. As it is shown in the case study, specialized software’s need to train the clients on how to operate the software. The package may depend on the limitation on accessing the program; the deeper they can access the program, the higher they must pay the service, but limiting higher accessibility to maintain a client in the list.

4.) Under the promotions, devise an advertising for Johnson & Associates
- Since they specialized in software development, they should advertise the firms working software’s and further research and development of the program for better use.

5.) What medium/media do you think is most effective in promoting Johnson’s product (radio, television, print, and internet) and why? Consider the budget of the


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