Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) is a company focused on three things: Medical devices, Consumer, and Pharmaceutical. The values at the workplace evolve around integrity and ethical character to the employees and the customers. This paper will define Johnson and Johnson and their mission statement. Johnson and Johnson vision statement will be broken down and discussed. It will than discuss the values. The last thing to be discussed will be analyzing the vision, mission, and value statements. Than an evaluation will be discussed in regard to the organization, Johnson and Johnson, addresses the needs of the consumers.

Johnson and Johnson was founded in 1886 by three brothers. In 1888 they published their first book called “"Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment” that discussed practicing sterile surgeries. Also in 1888 the first “First Aid Kit” was introduced. Over the years they expanded to other countries and their product. In 2011 it marked 125 years of transforming and caring for communities, consumers, and patients. Over 125 years Johnson and Johnson has only had eight Chairman of Executive Officers. Their vision is “Caring for the world, one person at a time…” (Johnson & Johnson Services, 2013) The Mission Statement is :

“We aim to make the world a better and healthier place through everything we do—the products we discover and develop, the positions we take on public policy issues, the way we run our business every day, and the programs and alliances we build and join. Our approach to corporate citizenship defines who we are and how we aspire to act in the world.” (Johnson & Johnson Services, 2013)

There are four values the company and its employees are to follow listed in the Code of Conduct book known as “Our Credo”: 1) Customers - High Quality
2) Employees - Individualism
3) Community - Good Citizens
4) Stockholders – Experimental
Johnson and Johnson brands vary from consumer, to medical devices to...

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