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Johnson & Johnson is a care company for personal hygiene products, medical equipment manufacturer, founded in 1885 at United States. It has offices in over 90 countries and its products sold in over 170 countries. Johnson & Johnson was established in 1886, is the world's large-scale, Johnson & Johnson Diversification of products in health care products and consumer care Products Company. The world of the film to the glass of the Johnson & Johnson occupied a strong brand! According to the results published in the "Fortune" and "Business Week" in 1997, Johnson & Johnson market value of the index rating ranked 20 in the world, and among the nation's top ten most admired companies list, in 1999 the global turnover of 275 billion U.S. dollars. Johnson & Johnson more than 230 branch offices in 57 countries around the world, with about 110,006 more than 1,000 employees, product sales in 175 countries and regions. The history of Johnson & Johnson:

The end of the nineteenth century, the United States during the Civil War, a famous British doctor - Joseph Liszt found the operating room by airborne bacteria, pioneered the doctrine of the "invisible bacteria. At the time, General Robert Wood Johnson served as a field of medical work, the earliest eye to people who agree with Liszt's theories. In 1886, Johnson and his two brothers in New Jersey, USA Bruce Wick, work together to create a new cause - the production of sterile surgical dressings, and formally create a Johnson & Johnson. They hired 14 employees, has always maintained a leading position in the industry. With the expansion and development needs of the business, Johnson & Johnson since the 1920s, one after another in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and other regions have set up a new international company, producing high-quality health products, to promote the development of global health. After a hundred years never slacken efforts and innovation, Johnson & Johnson has more than 250 branch offices in 57 countries around the world, products are sold in 175 countries and regions, with about 110,005 more than 1,000 employees, to become the world's on the most comprehensive distribution of the widest range of health care products manufacturers and service providers, production and sales of products related to consumer products and personal care products, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment and diagnostic products market. How Johnson & Johnson management and make profiles

The ideal of Johnson & Johnson to management that is Decentralization = creativity = productivity. However, this philosophy in 1982, suffered the challenges of the market. J & J believe in small but fully authorized the unit to create new products, develop new markets, and therefore try to keep the small stand-alone company, self-responsible production, marketing, with sales and R & D, M & A new company, also to maintain independence, but also constantly from now organized carve colonization into a separate company. The independent company is usually concentrated in a good market; for example, to the surgeon set the Ethicon company production of surgical hand supplies. 1982, J & J has 150 companies, of which more than 20 major companies, the rest are new acquisitions, company, or out by more than 20 of spin (spin off). Each company is independent, one hundred percent owned by J & J. In the philosophy of decentralization and innovation, J & J since the 10 years between 1972 to 1982 for the growth of four times, with 1982 sales of $ 3.3 billion, employs over 79,000 people worldwide, an annual return on equity rate of nearly 20%. In order to maintain operations, the general manager of the 150 companies reporting to the 11 Corporation Operating Committee (Executive Committee) members of the J & J to make the person in charge of each subsidiary has the opportunity to report directly to the Operating Committee. Johnson & Johnson’s in CHINA.

China Johnson & Johnson 2008...
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