Johnson and Johnson Case

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Johnson And Johnson

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In the Johnson and Johnson Company efforts to improve the quality of life for people everywhere while still maintaining a standard of employee and customer service. Mark Simpson had an incident that J&J never before had and that was violence in the work place. Mark Simpson being the HR manger had to deal with this work place assault in a timely and professional manner, because this experience will be the template for future action plans. This type of case can set precedents. Mark needs to come up with the best alternatives to present this to Mr. Perry the VP of HR department. J&J cares about its employees just as they care about its community and customers. J&J follows its Credo and has a corporate culture of caring for people. Bob Phillips part of the EAP program is mentally challenged assaulted another employee from the maintenance department. The other employee assaulted was Bob Bishop. Bob learned from the company nurse that he suffered severe bruises to his chest where he was punched by Tom Phillips. The nurse advised Bob to report this incident to management. Many alternatives were considered in order to reach a decision. These alternatives consisted of: a) Verbal discussion; b) Use company EAP service; c) Use ARC services d) suspend Tom for the assault. Given the circumstances, the only way to deal with the situation was to ensure that Tom Phillips be treated as an individual employee. Therefore, by maintaining J&J’s Credo that is

caring for its employees and people. Mark Simpson would find the best alternative for this incident and Tom Phillips would be treated as an individual employee with the same respect as everyone else and receive the best treatment possible while maintaining confidentiality.

Objective The objective after reading the case is to determine the right course of action, this is to find a way to resolve the situation with Tom Phillips and Bob Clark, while ensuring the integrity of Johnson and Johnson Corp and all the key players involved. Also need to maintain Johnson & Johnson corporate culture. The company believes in the wellness of the employees, therefore had Johnson and Johnson Company 2

to handle the seriousness of the physical assault that took place at Johnson & Johnson Corporation, the professionalism of the complaint had to be maintained. The complaint itself, and the fact that Johnson & Johnson has to now learn & implement a proper course of action followed by some sort of support program. If this situation is not handled properly Johnson & Johnson can stand to lose substantially and so can the employees. This can be a lose/lose situation for both sides.

Analysis The Role/Key Players Mr. Perry the Vice President of Human Resource. He is well liked by the Human Resource department and by the employees. Mr. Perry believes in people that care, he is a firm believer empowering people. He has a strong commitment to the company’s credo. Mr. Perry is an outstanding leader in the community. He also truly cares about the people and their well being. Tom Phillips a candidate for a six week trial period hired and trained by ARC and contracted out to the catering company which is under Johnson & Johnson to provide food for the Johnson & Johnson employees. Tom Phillips was hired fulltime by the cafeteria company after his six week trial period. Tom was successful in that six week trial. He then was hired full time as a dishwasher in the cafeteria. Many people like Tom and wanted to see him successes, he was liked by many. The employees’ attitude towards Tom was Positive. Tom worked for the cafeteria company for one year, and then he applied to a job posting for a maintenance position on the second shift at J&J. Tom was accepted and worked in the maintenance department. Frank Cromwell, the second shift lead technician, on that shift was responsible for supervision and job assignment. On a daily basis he monitored...
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