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Term Paper: Johnson & Johnson Company
I. History
Johnson and Johnson is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company. Johnson and Johnson was founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey by three brothers Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson. Between 1888 and 1921 Johnson and Johnson had a lot of first with products such as first aid kits, dental floss, sanitary napkins for women, band aids, baby powder( which later leads to the company's booming Baby business products). Also it was the first company to provide disaster relief to citizens of Galveston, Texas after a hurricane( the tradition begins). Beginning in 1924 is when Johnson and Johnson expanded its company overseas to countries such as United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil. Between 1954 and 1989 Johnson and Johnson made expansions to their company such as putting operating companies in India, China, and Egypt. They entered new eras of health care such as vision care, diabetes management and mechancial wound closures. Johnson and Johnson was the first company to introduce disposal contact lenses, they also joined forces with big companies such as Neutrogena, Kodak's Clinical Diagnostics, Cordis Corporation and Centocor. Johnson and Johnson has been around for 126 years providing care for patients and communitites around the world.

Today Johnson and Johnson has over 250 companies in bout 57 different countries globally and is divided into three compnents within the company. II. Company Structure
The consumer portion of Johnson and Johnson is all of their baby, skin, oral, wound, and women health care products. Baby Care products that J&J produce are Johnson's baby powder, desitin(rash cream), head-to-toe gragrance free baby lotion, tear free baby shampoo, and baby oil. Skin Care products that J&J produce are Clean&Clear products for acne such as foaming facial cleanser, oil...
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