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Johnson & Johnson Company is the world largest manufacturer of health care products. The company have developed different types of the products such as baby shampoo and sterile dressings. Johnson & Johnson have a long history about the management of its operating companies as independent businesses. The management party of the company comprehend and enhance the operating company autonomy to modify the flexibility, creativity and accountability. Johnson & Johnson Company and the Information Tehnology managers have developed a new set of information technolgy ( IT) infrastructure capabilities in the early of 1990s. The Johnson & Johnson Company make such decision is due to the pressures create by other large companies such as Walmart. Besides that, by creating the new set of information technology with the IT managers, the Johnson & Johnson company can provide and supply all the necessary for a large number of customers and reducing the total costs.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of an organization plays an important role in the business processes. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the software tools that supplying the customer information for various purpose. Customer Relationship Management can help the organization to retain the old customers and attract the new customers. The main idea for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to treat the different customers differently. This is because different customers have different needs and have different values to the company. The concept of one-to-one relationship between the company and customers is an important because the company can understand the needs of the customers better. CRM helps the organization to understand that the success of an organization is highly depends on the relationships between the customers and the company. CRM is classifies into 3 types which is Operational CRM, Analytical CRM and the Collaborative CRM. Operational CRM functions to support the business processes which have direct interaction with the customers such as sales and marketing. The function of Analytical CRM is to record and store the customer data and provide the information of the customer when necessary. Collaborative CRM have to communicate and collaborate with the customers. The CRM applications is classified into 3 types. The first CRM applications is customer-touching applications which the customers can interact with the technologies of the company such as FAQ answering tool. Secondly is the customer-facing applications where the customers interact with the company personnel such as call center and help desk. The third CRM applications is customer-centric intelligence application which analying the operation processes to enhance the CRM, for example the data reporting which receive complaints from the customers. ( ‘Operational Customer Relationship Management’, 2007,

Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest and well known healthcare company in the world and one of the most diversified. For a large organization such as Johnson & Johson, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) play a vey important role. CRM is a strategy used by the organization to manage the relationships between the company and customers. It involves using technologies and software to organize and improve the business processes such as customer services and technical support. Johnson & Johnson can attract the new customers and retain the old clients back into fold and thus will reduce the marketing and customer service costs. Johnson & Johnson also defines the CRM is an important type of management that handling the relationship between the organization and clients to increase the company value in the market. CRM is also expect to enhance the long term growth and increase the profit through a better understanding the behaviours and needs of the customers. (Nadya Meivira Amran, Management...
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