Topics: Meat, Slaughterhouse, Butcher Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 18, 2013
AP Human Geography
Assignment #15: Butchers
Due: Monday, April 16th, in-class

Directions: While viewing the video Butchers, answer the following questions. Look for principles of von Thunen’s theory throughout the film; this connection is key!

1. Name THREE elements that are mentioned or discussed that you can ascribe to von Thunen. (There are many possible answers throughout the video.) One element in the video that can be ascribed to Von Thunen is how meatpacking industries had to be located close to their market (in Chicago) because they’re goods were easily perishable. The invention of the refrigerated train cart allowed the industry to expand and stretch out von Thunen’s model as factories that were perishable could be located at a further distances than beforehand. Another element is the increased use of highways and truck transportation in the agriculture business. This invention has allowed for the expansion of beef industries. One would assume that the increased transportation costs would hinder these industries but the dramatic location rent decrease has made it much more profitable. One last element examined in the movie is that the fourth ring, assumed to be unoccupied wilderness has disappeared. The amazing improvements in transportation technology have nearly completely removed the boundaries of distance. No food product is too far for the isolated state.

2. What TWO agricultural products did the American colonies and the West Indies exchange? American colonies exchanged salted beef (from wild game and domesticated animals) for molasses from the West Indies.

3. What made Chicago the beef capital of the U.S.?
The vast railroad system in Chicago, where every major railroad line passed, made Chicago the ideal beef capital of the U.S.

4. What city was the previous meat/pork capital of the U.S.? Cincinnati was the previous meat/pork capital of the U.S.

5. What force did the old slaughterhouses in Chicago use to...
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