Johnny Football vs. NCAA

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14 September 2013
Johnny Football vs. NCAA
The NCAA (National Collegiate Association of Athletics) has many different rules and restrictions for Division 1 student athletes. A lot of these rules are controversial because of some of the NCAA's own actions. Every year, many student athletes get either suspended or kicked off teams for disorderly conduct, or not abiding by the rules set by the NCAA. The NCAA is, and always has been, sternly against any student athletes receiving any type of profit for anything, unless they are working for it. Along with this, student athletes are not permitted too ever accept any money for participating in a college sport, and if they do this is a major violation and they will have consequences for breaking these rules. It’s hard to fathom that just last year, hardly anyone outside of College Station, Texas, knew of Johnny Manziel. Just a short 365 days later, after his freshman year of college, he has become one of the most polarizing figures in all athletics. The star striking moment that made Johnny “Football” as popular as he is was when he led his team to defeat the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. Johnny later won the Heisman trophy, becoming the first ever freshman to do so. No more than a week after Texas A&M beat Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl was there a seemingly never ending amount of information bashing Manziels “perfect” image. It started with a parking ticket incident. Then there was “dehydration”, and later came alleged payments that he had received along with signing of autographs. All of this Manziel denied, and eventually the NCAA suspended him. Manziel was suspended for half a game because of allegedly accepting money from other people without working for it. Even though a half game isn’t a big deal, especially not in a season opener against a buttercup team like Texas A&M played, it is still something that should be addressed. Just because Manziel plays a college sport doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be...

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