Johnny Cash

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The Great Man Theory – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, the Great Man
Thomas Carlyle’s popular theory of the great man is defined as one who was highly influential due to their personal charisma, intelligence, wisdom or political skill, utilizing one or many of these skills to change or create a path in history . Johnny Cash can be defined by Thomas Carlyle’s great man theory due to his influential impact on the history of music through his unique voice and continuous disrespect for authorities. Cash challenged Carlyle’s theory because of his ‘bad boy’ reputation and false impressions that he made on society of his time. Although through his life he worked to align with the great man theory, overcoming his ongoing drug addictions, family disputes, and numerous encounters with authorities. Cash’s life involved many achievements, disappointing events, memorable events but it all started with his childhood. John R Cash was born on February 26th 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas. One of five children, Cash was brought up in a rather poor family. At age 3 the Cash family was forced to move to Dyess, Arkansas so that they could take advantage of the New Deal farming programs introduced by President Roosevelt. There, Johnny and his family were given a 5 bedroom house on a 20 acre property. All seven children worked 7 days a week for the next 15 years on the farm harvesting the seasonal crops. Music was one way that not only Johnny but the whole Cash clan found to escape the hardship. J.R. first picked up a guitar at age 12 and instantly fell in love with the gifted sounds that he created. His mother somehow scrapped together enough money to send Johnny to singing lessons. Although after 3 lessons his teacher told him to never take singing lesson again and to never deviate from his natural voice. Another trait that sparked Johnny’s attention at a young age was his belief in religion. His family, especially mother and older brother were devout members of the Pentecostal...

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