John's Model

Topics: Bathing, Bathtub, Hygiene Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: March 12, 2013
John’s I: Bathing
Michelle and I jumped on the chance to shower a resident. We walked down to Mrs. B’s room and found her already dressed and sitting in her chair. We introduced ourselves and explained what we were there to do. Michelle gathered her toiletries as I began escorting Mrs.B to the shower room. Once we arrived I realized that I did not know the code to the shower room door. I waited for Michelle to arrive but she did not know either so she went to ask. Mrs.B and I waited in the hall. I asked her a couple questions in an attempt to have a conversation but she was unresponsive. Michelle returned, we entered the room, closed the door and drew the curtains. Mrs.B began getting undressed and needed only minimal assistance. We helped her into the bath chair and started running the water. I asked her to feel the temperature and she asked for it to be a little bit colder. As I adjusted the water, Mrs.B asked to use the washroom. We helped her to the toilet and then back into the bath chair. Mrs.B tested the water and then we began her shower. As soon as she was wet we realized we had not gathered a facecloth. Michelle looked in the cupboard but there were not any. As she went to find some, Mrs.B complained that she wanted us to hurry up. I apologized and decided to wash her hair while we waited for Michelle to return. Michelle returned with a facecloth and we finished cleaning up as quickly as possible. We wheeled Mrs.B out of the shower and towel dried her. She wore clean clothing to the shower room so we assisted her back into it. I searched her basket of toiletries and found a comb for her hair. She said they usually let her hair air dry so once I was finished combing it, I pinned her bangs back the way she had them before the shower.

I was nervous. It was my first time bathing a resident and I was not confident in my skills. I was upset that we had missed important steps and caused discomfort to Mrs. B. I believe Michelle was feeling the same way I...
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