John Tyler Eggleston - Essay

Topics: Fuck, Profanity, Euphemism Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: August 26, 2010
John Tyler Eggleston

Was up you fucking idiot what have you been up too? I heard you been up to some stupid stupid shit man was the deal with that man? You have got to be SMARTER than that especially if you plan on getting released early!! Sorry I could not write you sooner man I feel really bad that I could not see you before I left. But I have not forgotten you and nor will I ever you have been a good friend to my family and I for a long time, so no worries man what do you need I have been talking to your mom and she told me some stuff you needed man realize I am in the army and I have access to some stuff not a lot but I will send you want I can books, magazines, pictures of us training I’ll do what I can dog. Now that I got your ass chewing out of the way let me tell you about Louisianna. I am with; bravo battery/5-25 field artillery/4th division 10th mountain. I am a specialist rank E4. I am on the M119 howitizer I don’t really know shit about my MOS but I hear we are going to be doing infantry training here soon I leave to go to the field on the 22nd of this march so if I don’t write I am busy ok. I am trying to get sent to AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL (super fucking hard school) and SNIPER SCHOOL (fucking cake ass school 4 weeks long dude not hard). I am at Fort Polk, LA dude this place sucks hard dude all there is to do is bars & strip clubs, however I have been riding my dirt bike on base at the track dude you would love it its easy and the track is fun man.. We are leaving for Afghanistan in November is what they say but realistically I think December or January. OH shit Kash is working at LOWE’s LOL your not allowed there LOL its fucking hilarious dude how life works out. How is everything with you man? How they treating you? I am actually going to put minutes on my celly and house number just in case you forgot they numbers are (901)484-8053 cell douche bag & (337)392-7361 home number. Chris did move I told him your address so you’ll get a letter...
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