John Tucker Must Die

Topics: Adolescence, Love Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: February 12, 2007
"John Tucker Must Die" A Tale of Teenage Revenge
He's tall with dark hair and light eyes. The star of the basketball team, a crowd favorite, and he's quite the ladies man. Every guy wants to be like him and every girl wants to be with him. Everywhere you go you here the glorious name of John Tucker. While managing his basketball career, and obtaining his great reputation, John loses track of the three ladies in his life. During a high school gym class all three ladies find out that they are all dating the same guy which leads up to the plot of the movie. The girls find out that there is another girl in their gym class who knows all about John Tucker's lies and deceit. In a master plan to get him back all four girls learn a big lesson about life and love.

John Tucker(Jesse Metcalfe) is portrayed as the star athlete. Kate( Brittany Snow) plays the part of the nobody turned somebody, the object of Tucker's affection. Beth(Sophie Bush) is one of three of John's girlfriends. Beth plays the role of the free spirited vegan who is all for animal rights. Heather( Ashanti Douglas) is head cheerleader and John's second girlfriend. Carrie(Arielle Kebbel) takes on the role of valedictorian and is very involved in all school activities. Last but not least there is Scott(Penn Badgley stars as John Tucker's brother. Both brothers end up in love with Kate, but the problem is who is seeing the real Kate.

This tale of teenage drama gives you a theme of what goes around comes around. This is portrayed in the movie when the girls turn your average Joe into girl of every guys dreams. In this way they give John a taste of his own medicine. While in the midst of everyone being wrapped up in their own problems things come back to haunt all of them.

Overall this movie was a comedic tale of revenge. I am giving it a great review. I recommend this movie to young adult around the high school age. I believe that many teens will be able to relate to this movie although some points of...
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