John Stein's Argumentative Analysis

Topics: Generation Y, Change, Technology / Pages: 4 (816 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2016
As much as I dislike Stein’s writing style and the negative tone the majority of article had and his incessant use of compliments directly after an extremely negative comment or vice versa. I think he is right that we are doing nothing different than what our parents, grandparents or their parents before them did. History and times change, and like all animals, we adapt to these new environments. His reasoning is sound, but I disagree with his misapplication of psychological diagnosis with respect to narcissism and prevalence, as that is shaped more by the acceptance of psychology and psychiatry into everyday life so more people are tested and therefore it looks like more people have it. This is why it is trickier to apply a scientific numerical …show more content…
Then when they were adults and no longer sheltered under their parents’ care, they learned that the world was not as they had been led by to believe. This caused them to seek to change it and rebel and challenge the authority of the previous generation. This is the generation that created ours, and their rebellion and their focus on change for equality made ours possible. This document supports both my and Stein’s argument that each generation is just adapting to their own environment. Slightly changing focus from values to valuables, also known as material items or technology and how this also shaped an earlier generation. There was an interesting section in an excerpt from Life Magazine that we reviewed in the discussion assignment.
What Depression-bred parents may still think of as luxuries are look on as necessities by their offspring. Today teen-agers surround themselves with fantastic array of garish and often expensive baubles and amusements. (Life Magazine Identifies the New Teenage
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Technology changes, quite quickly in fact. The Law of Accelerating returns, as defined by Ray Kurzweil, speaks to the nature of technological innovation being exponential in its rate of growth. What was a luxury item to our parents, or even our siblings, may wind up being a common everyday item within just a few short years. An excellent example of that is cellphones, today everyone has one, they are ubiquitous. They have been around for barely a generation and have gone from giant 1-2 pound bricks or bags, to a few ounces with enough computing power to rival supercomputers of yesteryear. They are vital to my generation as Stein comments citing a quote from Scott Hess at the start of is his

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