John Proctors Journal (Crucible)
Topics: Salem witch trials, Ten Commandments / Pages: 5 (1074 words) / Published: Oct 1st, 2012

John Proctors Journal

Period 3

First Entry I honestly do not quite comprehend all the fuss. The girls were found “dancing” in the forest. And quite honestly I do not want to have another confrontation with Abigail ever again and would be best if I would never have to encounter her again. I am ashamed in myself that I decided to have relations with Abigail however; I cannot risk the well being of my name. Particularly now that Elizabeth knows. However, Abigail did try to pursue me and I told her to understand that I no longer have feelings for her and that is was a blunder. She then attempted to tell me I was mislead and did have feelings for her. She then insulted Elizabeth and I threatened her whipping. She then stated that I put thoughts in her head, which I never had any intentions of doing. Later, I scolded Mary Warren to never leave the house and I threatened that she would receive whippings if she chose to do so. All in all it was an indifferent day and I predict a large amount of hysteria among the town of Salem to come. Second entry More and more accusations continue to come up and I think that Abigail has a grip upon the girls. Betty has fallen ill and is suspected to have been bewitched. I also think hat Parris has something to hide or is afraid. He seems weary has consulted a reverend by the name of Hale. I think that Parris needs to consult the authorities before looking for the Devil or some demons. Putnam has demanded that Parris tell Hale to search for signs of witchcraft. However, you are not allowed to make decisions based on wealth and that Salem does not allow this. Then, Putnam has the audacity to tell me that I am not a good man for not attending church. I just do not agree with all his preaching of hell and damnation.

Third entry Parris again tries to state that I do not have the right to defy his religious power

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