John Proctor S Role In The Crucible

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft, John Proctor, Mary Warren / Pages: 3 (1248 words) / Published: Jan 31st, 2015
Kate-Lynn Gomerich
M. Haddou
English 12C
Individual Character Project
November 22, 2014
John Proctors Role in “The Crucible” To be puritan is to be pure of any physical or mental pleasure; when pressure built the citizens of Salem massed into a frenzy of noose casting. Only to realize the heavy weight of truth as a course rope began to constrict around their necks. In “The Crucible” a story taking place in Salem, Massachusetts: the restricting ways of puritan life began to take their toll on the human population, the inability to be flawed or express one’s personal thoughts lead to a series of hysterical outbreaks with catastrophic effects known as the Salem witch hunt. The impossible expectations laid ground for a series of exhilarating and murderous accusations. One man who withheld the truth for self-preservation would be forced to confess his sins in attempt to save his wife. However, as fallacy spread far throughout Salem, its roots would be deep enough to trap logic and reason underground; the truth would not be heard and the confessor would pay the ultimate price as a means of redemption and an end to the witch hunt. John Proctor, a man of strong beliefs and high morality that even he, himself cannot uphold would find himself swept under and drowned by a vicious wave of confusion and accusation.
The devastation of witch hunting enveloped Salem, spreading throughout its deepest recesses like an airborne poison. During the puritan era, the church and state were tied so closely that religious morality became law. “This is a court of law. The law based upon the bible.” Danforth stated on page 102 while questioning Abigail about Proctor’s and Mary Warren’s claims. If people do not live up to ideals they are suspected of witchcraft; there was a practice of complete intolerance in puritan law. In the fever of suspicion and accusation that was the hunt, one cried witch based on harbored jealousy and resentments. “You think it God’s work that you should never

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