John Proctor from the Crucible

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: May 15, 2011
When a man is confronted by evil, fear, and injustice he will show the hero that he really is or runaway like a faceless coward. Throughout the story there are many ways to characterize John proctor. The three biggest are his selfishness; that was discovered in the beginning of the story, his internal conflicts; which lasted through the middle of the story all the way to nearly the end of the story, and his selflessness; which emerged in the end of the story. When one puts his personal desires ahead of his family, he destroys everything he has.

Although John Proctor is an honorable man, he has a fatal flaw: his selfishness. John Proctor had no thought regarding his own family. There are many people in the world who wish they had families, or once had families, others have families and that is all that they need, and then there are people like John Proctor who have families and want more; his bodily wants transformed his soul into something he never wanted to be. John Proctor committed the crime of adultery. John Proctor once lusted in Abigail, proof of this is throughout the story but is first mentioned in a conversation between Abigail and John Proctor, first Abigail states, “I have a sense for heat, John, and your has drawn me up to your window, and I have seen you looking up burning in your loneliness. Do you tell me you have never looked up at my window?”(Abigail, Miller, I, 1031) To which John replies, “I may have looked up.”(Proctor, Miller, I, 1031) This is the first confession of John’s adultery. John Proctor’s selfishness had left him weak, a weakness of fearing being discovered a lecher. For a long time he knows people are being accused, but he does nothing. He is afraid if he confronts the court with the truth about Abigail, that she might charge him with lechery. John Proctor’s selfishness will leave him conflicted and unknowing about his next decision.

John proctor’s internal conflicts drive him to a point of desperation; in which he...
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