John Lewis Strategic Analysis

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: August 2, 2011
John Lewis Partnership Strategic Analysis

Vision-Employee co—ownership with the happiness of partners as the ultimate purpose. (1)| Mission-Satisfying employment in a successful business. (1)| Value-Best possible choice, quality, trust, value and customers services. (1) | Corporate objectives-achieve success for John Lewis for building sustainable business for the long term, generating partnership value through consistent profitable growth, whilst marketing sure that our customers can always trust us to do the night time. | Appendix B|

Political 1-The government regulation(2)2- changes in tax laws (3a)3-Special tariffs (4)4-Enviromental protection law (5)5-Political condition foreign countries (6a)| Economical 1-Intrest rate (14)2-Inflation rate (14)3-Availability of credit (15)4-Unemployment trend (3b)| Social and Environment1-Immigration rates (12)2-Buying habits (10)3-Ethical concern (13)4-Pollution control (3b)| Technology1-Life style (7)2-Speed of distribution (8)3-Creating new product and services (9)4-Changing new entry barriers (10)5-Internet or E-commerce(11)| Legal| How it Affects John Lewis Partnership|

-Arising VAT to bring the price increase that difficulties to retain customers. -Oil price rises as Libyan unrest may increase John Lewis production costs.| -Sale will decrease and less credit will be available.-Inactive rate of aged 16-64 in January 2011 was 23.3% -(15)| Waitrose sale of tobacco will fall.-Customer are likely to shop less and supply chain will affect-Reduction of energy usage may affect production, transportation and storage.| Quick service and online advertisement will Arise the cost.- Waitrose must spend on this technology to be able serve its customer as fast as possible| | APPENDIX (D)SWOT Analysis | Strengths 1- Distinctive business model (1)2-Local merchant suppliers (1)3-Strong community involvement (1)4.Exceptional quality (16)| Weaknesses 1-Price positioning as customer...
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