John Jay’s Biography
John Jay was born into a wealthy family on December 12th, 1745 in New York City. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and was a very successful man. He strived for America’s Independence and was always trying to better the nation. In 1774 he married the daughter of New Jersey governor, Sarah Livingston. Having marrying her, Jay gained political connections to a colonial family.
During the Revolutionary War, Jay represented New York in the Continental Congress in 1774. Jay was pushing the congress to keep ties with Britain, but later on realized that independence for America was best. In 1778 John became the president of the Continental Congress and helped better the nation. In effort to end the revolutionary war John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens and John Adams traveled to Paris, France to negotiate the end of the war using the Treaty of Paris. Those four men created a historical event the day they signed the treaty (1783).
Once he returned to America he became aware that he was elected secretary for foreign affairs. During this time Jay, Madison and Hamilton worked together to write the Federalists papers which discussed the ratification of the United States Constitution. In addition to that, Jay wrote a pamphlet called “An Address to the People of New York” which argued to keep the constitution ratified in NY. In 1789 George Washington chose John Jay to be the Chief of Justice for the Supreme Court. Washington also appointed Jay to negotiate a treaty with Great Britain to try and settle disputes between the two nations. The treaty that was made in the end was called the “Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation” but it is more commonly known as “Jays Treaty”. Then in 1795 he was elected the new Governor of New York and held that position for 2 years.
In 1801 Jay retired from his public life but still kept a close eye on everything that was going on. After living 83 long, successful years, he

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