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A Supplier Partnering Agreement at the University of Las Vegas


Haoyong Chen

An assignment submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for MGT 608 School of Business Management
National University
Dr. Farnaz Sharifrazi
December 1st, 2013

Discovery Communications, Inc. is a company that has adopted a new technological advancement in their workflow by implementing knowledge management systems. Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media company servicing its consumers with real-world content through documentaries and television programs (Overview & Mission, 2012). The company has adopted the new knowledge management system in order to streamline their system of collecting, transferring, securing and managing the company’s information. What legal issues, if any, might be involved in NOSC’s proposal? The companies that were involved in the development of Discovery Communications, Inc. were Carefree Technologies, Lotus Domino Document Manger system, WebSphere Portal, and LexisNexis. Carefree Technologies, which is an IBM partner company, was brought on by Discovery Communications, Inc. to assist with their document management system and help with the tedious and cumbersome tasks of the company’s personnel (National University, 2009). Carefree Technologies enabled the Lotus Domino Document Manger system to centralize and streamline the process of document creation, filing, management and retrieval of information. Carefree Technologies also enlisted the use of Web-Sphere to act as a web-based interface for the documents now managed by Lotus Domino Document Manager system to allow Carefree Technologies to customize the knowledge management system to cater to the company’s needs. This new web-based interface allows the company to create a portal which is a central location, a webpage, which provides access to commonly used information systems and communication tools. With the use of this portal, LexisNexis is able to be used by employees to keep informed with the latest news and technologies. Carefree Technologies was able to give the company access to other portal services that allows the personnel to track and manage the television production process and easily permit them to do the once tedious task of accessing documents. What are the ethical issues involved in NOSC’s proposal?

The corporate portal was designed so that the company could easily have access to information systems and communication tools. Carefree Technologies enabled this portal so that the employees could have access to the web-based interface which would track the documents. This portal however opened up the opportunity for the company to merge the document management system with other portal services such as news, information and communications tools. This allows the employees to track their processes and locate any documents as they are now available through the knowledge management system. The system also provides the employees with the opportunity to utilize links to external website and news services with the use of LexisNexis. Lastly, the corporate portal allows the Discovery Communications, Inc. staff to communicate within the company with the use of instant messaging and company conferencing. Is this a true a partnering agreement? Discuss.

Knowledge management is extremely popular and important today. Most companies will utilize knowledge management as a way of managing and tracking information within their business. This management system is put into place so the company can produce positive performance. This positive performance comes in many different ways. In response to many environmental changes and advances in the procession of information, companies will need the use of knowledge management to keep a competitive advantage (Niu, 2008). Companies have adapted to today’s changing environment by adopting these knowledge management systems to...

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