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Topics: Abolitionism, American Civil War, Frederick Douglass Pages: 1 (562 words) Published: December 4, 2014
John Brown: The Father of American Terrorism
1. Chowder contends that Brown represented “two competing legends.” What were these two competing legends? Brown was considered both a Hero and murderer. He was heroic to the northern abolitionists and he was a symbol of courage. Southerners believed that John Brown was a horrible fanatic man, he was complete evil. 2. Describe John Brown’s life before he became embroiled in the antislavery movement. Grew up in Ohio, married at twenty, lost wife 11 years later, remarried, fathered twenty children. Good at tanning, farming, and home building. He was unheard of before the massacre. 3. Describe John Brown’s abolition efforts.

He knew that he wanted to be the small farmer who could be God’s messenger. Brown was already active in the Underground Railroad by providing a stop for the escaped slaves on their way to Canada. 4. How was John Brown treated after the Pottawatomie Massacre? He was treated like a God by those in the North because of his huge contribution to abolitionist causes. A play was written about the Massacre and John Brown called Osawatomie Brown 5. Describe John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.

John Brown was a kind invader. Brown also stayed behind in order to be some sort of a martyr. If he were to die with his ideals in mind then he would further fuel the northern thirst for a fight against the south that keeps pointing. 6. What was the view of John Brown after the raid on Harper’s Ferry? (Republican view and Southern view) -Republican- Republicans believed it was uncalled for, wild, and insane of John Brown to do something as reckless as raid it. -Southern- Many southerners were afraid of John Brown because of the lengths he was willing to go to prove his point. 7. How was Brown’s jail cell considered his pulpit?

It was where he lived and he got a lot of his messages out through the use of the cell, making him almost a martyr except he had not been killed yet like martyrs usually are....
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