John and the Sales Administrator

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Case: John and the Sales Administrator

I. Executive Summary
John, an industrial engineer, works as a production manager in a medium-sized company in England. He has been with the company for about a year and has been found slowly making progress in terms of increasing production efficiency, improving planning and control systems, and supervising and managing employees. Ann, on the other hand, is a sales office manager in the same company. Ann and John do not get along well on both a personal and professional level which eventually resulted to a major conflict.

Statement of the Problem
General:How will the senior management team, particularly the chief executive, address the current issues in the organization?
A. How will the company address interpersonal differences and improve key working relationships in the workplace, particularly of the production manager and sales administrator, and of the management and the workforce? * B. How will the company improve production productivity and employee efficiency by controlling and changing indecent work practices that has been done for a period of time? * C. How can support and cooperation be better among management and non-management employees, and inter-departments to act and improve matters in the company? * D. How will the chief executive handle the current situation and prevent future problems from arising? *

A. To make a thorough analysis on employee management system of the company through the use of theories and concepts in personality and behavior in organization.
B. To identify issues concerning productivity, customer management, control, and conflicts.
C. To evaluate effects of the current management practices in employee behavior all throughout the organization.
D. To provide a recommendation based on alternative courses of action that could be done to address the problems, issues, and conflicts.

II. Point of View
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