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Topics: John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 13, 2015
Michael Fabiano
Dr. Gibbs
AMH 4140 Age of Jefferson
Film Response 1
HBO’s John Adams
1) The role of John Adams being Vice President during George Washington’s two terms is president was displayed very shortly in “Unite or Die”. Adams is shown to being very frustrated and having a hard time as vice president. During the Continental Congress, Adams could barely participate with meetings like everyone else. His opinions in this role are ignored and has no power whatsoever except in a tie in voting. President George Washington has his secretaries of different departments in a room for a meeting and he tells Adams to leave the room. Vice President should be alongside the President of the United States. Adams’ believed he was going to be alongside the president. 2) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson shared different views on the French Revolution. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson was always up to date on the issues with France because of he was well involved with them and always visited them. He felt that the French Revolution was like the American Revolution because he was forming the French’s Declaration of the Rights of Man which started the French Revolution. John Adams felt the complete opposite by the French Revolution and what Thomas Jefferson was saying. Adams is gear towards an evolutionary social change and not a revolutionary social change. He was interested in being neutral in the foreign affairs for France and other countries as well. Adams felt that people like Thomas Jefferson for the French Revolution was based on a naïve ideology that did not take into the account the limitations of human nature. 3) Thomas Jefferson wanted to speak to John Adams about differences after visiting with Ambassador Genet. Jefferson mentions the ramifications of John Adams’ decision to allow trade with both England and France during the French Revolution. Jefferson believes that John Adams is attempting to balance the two countries but cannot...
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