John Adams Essay

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, John Adams Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 20, 2011
In David McCullough’s John Adams, Adams is described as a bold, righteous man whose character was undeniably the fire behind the American revolution. Adams played a key role throughout the entire beginning of colonial America and contributed to its independence immensely. The three most significant events in which Adams played a large role in American history was his pursuit in being a lawyer and protecting the soldiers in the Boston Massacre, his trip to France, and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. These events were most prevalent out of the many things Adams contributed and personified Adams’ struggle and push for American independence. John Adams was a lawyer, scholar and political figure. A leading champion of independence Adams was a prominent lawyer and public figure and was highly educated. He was highly influential and one of the key founding fathers of the United States.

In the early stages of his life and importance for the American cause, Adams had at first made what many call a mistake. However, Adams backed and protected the soldiers who were involved in the 1770 Boston Massacre. This act of justice reflected Adams’ fierce integrity. His part in this political drama only increased his public standing and in the long run made him more respected than ever. This act of firm belief established the fairness and principle in Adams’ mind that “no man in a free country should be denied the right to counsel and a fair trial...” (66). This mindset from the beginning had transfered and this basis later became the roots for American independence. Adams had taken on many trials, often taking the risky side, but had always stood behind his firm beliefs. Adams always wanted to ensure that the innocent were protected and even though he disagreed with British policies, he wanted to ensure the British soldiers got a fair trial. Moreover, this act of courage only solidified his honesty and loyalty. It proved to the public that he would stand up for...
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