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1. The significance of the title Arise is that you can live your faith and dreams where ever you are. Arise is also a missionary group name from Dallas, Texas that goes to Zambia, Africa. Zambia is where the Kershaws go and volunteer and do mission work. 2. This story is told in first person point of view but, is coauthored by Clayton and Ellen Kershaw so some of it is third person point of view. The point of view of this story impacts the book by you always get two points of view. Since Ellen writes a chapter and then Clayton writes one. So unlike your regular book Arise has two individuals perspective. 3. The setting of the story varies depending on the storyline. At times the story is taking place in America and other times it is occurring in Zambia, Africa. The couple travels to Zambia to work and serve in a mission experience. The storyline in America is about his baseball experience and life. So he could be any were in America but the two big city he is in the most is in Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas. 4. The theme in this book is to arise and conquer your enemies or your odds. The way that this is shown in the book is that Clayton and Ellen constantly have to work through the odds and solve problems. For example Ellen Kershaw has wanted to go to Zambia, Africa and be a missionary for most of her life. Her problem was that her parents would not allow it until she graduated from high school. Also Clayton and Ellen are very hard believers in never giving up. Another theme of this book is to spread the word of God to people in need. In the book Arise they gave examples like multiple bible verses, supported children homes, and through their actions or life styles. 5. A motif of this book could be beating the odds and living life to the fullest. For example, Clayton Kershaw is a major league pitcher who plays in the MLB those odds are literally one in a million. Another motif in Arise is winning and exceeding (this show up more than...
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