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Grammar- Bedford Pages 354 – 365 Exercises 32 A - E
Exercise 32-1-
a) Alisa brought the injured bird home and fashioned a splint out of Popsicle sticks for its wing. (Take out comma) b) Considered a classic of early animation, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, used hand-cut silhouettes against colored background. c) If you complete the enclosed evaluation form and return it within two weeks, you will receive a free breakfast during your next stay. d) Correct

e) Roger had always wanted a handmade violin, but he couldn’t afford one. 1) While I was driving, a huge delivery track ran through a red light. 2) He pushed the car beyond the tollgate and poured a bucket of water on the smoking hood. (Take out comma) 3) Lit by bright halogen lamps, hundreds of origami birds sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. 4) Correct

5) Many musicians of Bach’s time played several instruments, but few mastered hem as early or played with as much expression as Bach. Exercise 32.2-
a) J.R.R. Tolkein finished writing his draft of The Lord of the Rings trilogy in1949, but the first book in the series wasn’t published until 1954. b) In the first two minutes of its ascent, the space shuttle had broken the sound barrier and reached a height of over twenty-five miles. c) German shepherds can be gentle guide dogs, or they can be fierce attack dogs. d) Some former professional cyclists claim that the use of performance-enhancing drugs is widespread in cycling, and they argue that no rider can be competitive in dodging. e) As the intern, I learned most aspects of the broadcasting industry, but I never learned about fundraising. 1) To be considered for the position, candidates must demonstrate strong communication skills. 2) The cinematic lighting effect was first used in German Expressionist filmmaking and was later seen in American film. 3) Correct

4) Correct
5) By the end of the first quarter, the operating budget will be...
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