Johan Rueda

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Johan Rueda
Michael Mendoza
25 April 2014

Hamlet is a very tragic and diverse story. What really makes Hamlet a unique revenge play from others is that the action in the story the audience expects to see, especially from hamlet is that its there is always something holding back the action from happening. All of this happens while Hamlet is always trying to deal with his inner insecurities. Hamlets inductiveness, and the failure to act the right is what the play is really about. Shakespeare makes the lay interesting by considering that the play shows the audience the amount of uncertainties to the lives of the characters in the play. all the many unknown quantities are taken for granted when people evaluate one another’s actions. The play is filled with revenge the theme of revenge is all throughout the play. Revenge is what leads to the climax of the story. The two main revenge plots in the story are Hamlet intentions of avenging his father murder by killing his uncle Claudius and Laertes aim to avenge the murder of his father by killing Hamlet. Hamlet defines what’s behind the meaning of revenge, how its relatable to real life and how the characters deal with it in their minds. There are so many reasons why Hamlets revenge plot is the most important theme in developing the story. Hamlet is set up on revenge because of the appearance of the ghost, which is hamlets father. He is never given a name in the story. William also referred him as King Hamlet. The ghost tells hamlet “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”, he is asking hamlet to make up for the murder of Hamlet by killing the current king and murderer, Claudius. Lot of things happens after the ghost instruction. First, in the development of the story Hamlet believes that madness has to take over mind because he thinks it is necessary to do so in order to gain revenge on this father. Because of all this going on , the plot changes to a new direction. As a consequence the love Hamlet has for Ophelia, is thrown away because he believes that avenging his father is more important due to the honor that stands. As an effect of all this, Ophelia goes insane and kills herself.(Hamlet Complete text) At the beginning of the story Shakespeare sets the irony right away of how intense the story is going to be. The state of the nation in Denmark is deteriorating. The murder of the king throws away any political turmoil. With the new king in the throne and Hamlet a seeking revenge the whole play is going to be based on the theme of revenge. When the guard Marcellus says “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” He is referring how something evil and devastating is approaching. This moment can be interpreted as foreshadowing of the impeding deaths of all the principle character of the story. The state of Denmark can be connected to the mental state of Hamlet at many points of the story seeking revenge.(Shakespeare online) Hamlet avenges his father by killing Claudius. However, this doesn’t happen until the end of the story. This is because he procrastinates throughout the whole play on his plan on killing his uncle. Claudius and Laertes have conspired to kill hamlet. Before the swordfight with Hamlet, Laertes poisoned the tip of his sword so that when he strikes him or if he cuts him it’s a guaranteed kill. Claudius in the other hand poisoned some wine, that he initially had it planned to give it to Hamlet in a toast, In a turn of event Hamlets mother Gertrude drinks the poisoned wine and dies. Hamlet realizes what happened and after all the procrastination from Hamlet and his mind games he was dealing with himself, he stabs Claudius with a poisoned sword. At this moment Hamlet gets the revenge that he much desired. At the same time the death of his mother is the final spark he need to act upon his fathers request for vengeances.(Shakespeare...

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