Joey Jordison

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Joey Jordison is a very talented person. He is not only in a platinum album band playing drums, but also plays guitar on a side project. Despite growing up in an area considered out of the music scene he has become a spectacular drummer.

Joey Jordison (Nathan Jonas Jordison) was born on April 26, 1975 in Des Mones, Iowa. He says he has been surrounded by music his whole life. When he was little his parents would sit him down in front of a radio to calm him down. One of his favorite drummers is Peter Criss of KISS.

Joey's first job was as a sales associate at a retail record store. His next job was at a gas station called Sinclair's. After working at Sinclair's music started to become a big priority for him. He has been in bands called Avanga and Modifidious, both of which he left for his current band slipknot. Slipknot is a nine man metal band. All the members ware a mask that reflects their personality. Joey's mast is a white, Japanese, expressionless kabuki mask painted with black scars and sometimes fake blood. All the members of slipknot also ware black coveralls. Joey rips off the arms and legs of his because he says its easer to drum.

Joey is credited with being one of the fastest metal drummers ever. He also created the tribal S symbol for slipknot, along with the bands main logo. He has written many of their songs, and he mixed their first album. Joey also played drums for Metallica at the 2004 Download Festival due to Lars Ulrich's injury. He is also good friends with Marilyn Manson. He helped with the remixing of Manson's Fight Song.

In conclusion Joey Jordison is one of today's most talented metal drummers. He has accomplished the dream of many musicians by having a platinum album in a verry successful band. I hope some day to do the same.
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