Joe Dimaggio

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Joe was born in Martinez, California on November 20, 1964. "Giuseppe" (Joseph) and Rosalie were his parents and was the 4th of 8 children. The couple immigrated from Sicily to the U.S and soon move to a Itilian neiborhood in San, California when Joe was one year old.

His father was a fisherman and wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps, the two older sons did, but Joe had no desire in the job and followed his older brother Vince and his younger brother to the ball fields of San Francisco and soon Joe became the sensation of the Pacific League that his father finally won over.

In the spring of 1930, he is 16 and already droped out of Galileo High School and tried many jobs including fishing but nothing isg lot better than doing what he loves playing baseball and he usually played at the diary-wagon parking lot until he was playing for a team named Rossie and lead them to a championship with two home runs in one game.

In March 1932, Vince, his older brother succeded in making the roster for the city's minorr league team , the SF Seals and later that a shortstop was needed a and Vince recomended Joe and Joe played 3 games to finish the season. The next year his first full season he hit 28 home runs and with that he found a new career not as a short stop though, Joe had an amazing 61 game hitting strike in the first professional

In November of 1934, the Seals owner Charlie Graham sold the rights to the famous Joe DiMaggio to the New York Yankees. In return, he received five players and $25,000. Although he was committed to the Yankees, a knee injury kept him from playing for them that first year and he finished up his minor league career with the Seals.

Joe joined the Yankees in his 1936 season, and even as a rookie, he had an immediate impact on the team. They went on to beat the New York Giants in the World Series. For the Yankees, this was the first of a four year World Series winning streak. By the end of his career Joe DiMaggio had led the...
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