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Topics: Good and evil, The Reader, Daughter Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 15, 2013
English- Unseen poetry

In the poem advice to a teenage daughter it advises the daughter to leave men alone because she can't contend with what boys like and it does this by creating a feel of war and battle throughout the poem because the writer feels as though relationships are a war and she thinks it is best that the daughter doesn't go through what she went through.

Firstly, the writer use a list in the line 'can’t compete with football, motorcycles, cars, cricket, computer games, or a plate of chips. The use of the repeated C In the list creates an overwhelming sense of cant because the writer is trying to tell the daughter that she can't compete with boys and what they like so she might as well just give up now and this is created by the C making the list sound like cant can't cant throughout the it. Also by listing out all the different ways the daughter cannot compete with boys it is trying to make sure she knows that boys like a lot of things and she can't compete with them.

In addition, the writer also uses an imperative line to make sure the daughter knows that she is being talked directly to and to know that this is serious, this is used in the line 'beware my sweet'. By the writer speaking to the daughter this way she will pay attention and this also makes the reader pay attention so it has a very direct effect of drilling in what she is saying because the writer thinks that it is very important but also wants the daughter to know that she only wants what is best for her and this is shown by the writer using 'my sweet' because this poem is very personal.

Finally, throughout the poem there is a semantic feel of war and love and this is shown by juxtaposition shown in the line 'you have found a new war-game called love'. This is saying that the writer thinks that love is a game but also a war-game and using juxtaposition it makes it sound like good and evil like in a game, this is a good way to get the daughters attention but also the...
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