Jodi Melnick’s Moment Marigold

Topics: Dance, Performance, Dance therapy Pages: 2 (1156 words) Published: October 28, 2014

William GeArt 1000c
St. John’s University
Jodi Melnick’s Moment Marigold As part of the 2014 Next Wave Festival, I went to watched a dance performance with my friend, in came Jodi Melnick’s choreographed piece, “Moment Marigold.” It starred three women, including her, at BAM Fisher in NYC. The dance was performed last October 8, Wednesday at 7:30 PM, but it also had a few more line ups. It was a type of contemporary dance with a hint of experimental moves. They performed with the music and sound designed by Steven Reker. Three women were shown on center stage on Wednesday to perform a myriad of dance moves that left the audience breathless and wanting more. The dance was led by Jodi Melnick, who is a great dancer, deeply accented her knowledge and flair of dancing languidly to the spectators. The movement of the dance was somehow unhurried, each step gracing the stage with their imminent presence. Contrary to other dance moves in fashion at the moment, this particular dance was delicate and gossamer like silk. With the help of fellow dancers, Maggie Thom and Emma Grace Skove-Epes, the dance was created to perfection to convey a message spectators are curious to unravel of. The movements were tantalizing that, by surveillance of it, everyone watching was deeply captivated by their performance. Miss Melnick’s choreography created a dream-like quality to the dance performed. One thing to consider about the dance was its synchronization. The three women performing had their limbs intertwined from time to time. There were instances where they had to break free from it for Melnick to do a solo, but otherwise, they were all together in their movements which showed a form of unity in it. Three dancers wore not like professional dance-wear by Reid Batrthelme and Harriet Taub. They wore like practice clothes that easy to dance movement. However, the outfits made a great effect and fanciful. The flow of the...
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